Our classes

$30 Beginner

Introduction to ChatGPT

Understanding the basics

This class provides participants with a foundational understanding of how ChatGPT works and equips them with practical knowledge to interact effectively with the model.

NO FEE Beginner

Charleston Data Science Meetup

Feature Engineering Art and Science

The goal of this presentation is to demonstrate what makes ML models "tick" and perform tasks such as predicting the future, discovering bad actors, or generating interesting answers to your questions.

$30 Beginner

ChatGPT for Students

Introduction, guidance and example usage

The ChatGPT for Students class, aimed at middle and high school students, provides practical guidance and examples (along with a few cautions) on becoming proficient with conversational AI tools such as ChatGPT for academic enhancement and personal growth.

$30 Beginner

ChatGPT for Business

Through real world examples

Unlock the power of generative AI! Join our workshop tailored for Executives and Entrepreneurs looking to leverage cutting-edge technology.

NO FEE Beginner

Charleston AR/VR meetup

Join us for our monthly all-things-VR-and-AR get-together! There's a ton of activity in the VR and AR space right now and we like to rotate topics around between Virtual and Augmented reality, high-level concepts, gear, development, and more.

$30 Intermediate

Next Level ChatGPT

Advancing Your Skills

So, you've been using ChatGPT and want to go further? This class is designed to level up your beginner skills and understand how to get the most out of this new technology.

$30 Advanced

ChatGPT for Coders

Write code with ChatGPT

ChatGPT won't be replacing any software developers any time soon. It's not always correct, and it doesn't do a great job at understanding larger codebases. So should you be using it to help you write code? Absolutely!

NO FEE Beginner

Charleston AWS meetup

Optimizing Costs in AWS Workloads

Unlock the secrets to maximizing your AWS spending efficiency! Join us for an insightful meetup designed to elevate your cloud game.

NO FEE Beginner

Introduction to Digital Communication and Devices

Getting started with technology

This hands-on workshop will address all your questions and concerns about securely setting up your tablet, phone, or computer and introduce you to online communication.

NO FEE Beginner

Navigating the Web and Online safety

Best practices for browsing the internet

This course aims to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to protect themselves and their information while navigating the internet.

NO FEE Beginner

Managing Digital and Social Media

Safely storing and sharing your media

In this class, we will guide you through the basics of managing and storing your digital media such as images and video, and how to share it on social media platforms.

$10 Beginner

ChatGPT Lunch & Learn

Staying up to date on the latest features

As ChatGPT is ever evolving with new features rolling out every week.  Learn about the latest new features and answer all your ChatGPT related questions.

$80 Intermediate

The Entrepreneurs Sales Playbook

A proven framework and approach for growth-focused businesses

Many entrepreneurs believe "if we build it, they will come". The reality is, selling well really matters when it comes to achieving sustainable double-digit revenue growth.